Raised in the rural town of Magna Utah, I have been able to live in many places to give me a variety of life, including: Potomac Mayland, Brea California, All over Hawaii and in North Western Oregon. I currently reside in Riverton Utah and attend Brigham Young University (til spring 2012) where I am studying a BFA in Illustration

A sailor of the creative sea through the ebb and flow of life. Many pursuits entail and here is a list as follows: Doodling, Thinking, Painting, Photographing, Skateboading, Designing and Enjoyment of Life in general. Would you think that doing these things for the last 15 years would qualify me for any special project you have in mind? ~

Fine and commercial art ; appreciate in your home, or for the value of you business ~

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"Originally from Magna, Utah, Bowden spent part of his childhood in Maryland and moved to Brea, California after high school to pursue skateboarding and his art. After returning from his LDS mission to Hawaii in 2007, Bowden worked on the celebrated children’s television show Yo Gabba Gabba! and later moved back to Salt Lake City with his wife Abi in order to finish his schooling at BYU. The nature of Bowden’s art is time consuming and may thus seem like an anachronism in today’s digitally fueled world. It is that very reason he chooses media that makes one slow down, embrace gradual methods of construction and command an attention to the integrity of skillfully crafted detail. “I own and operate a 1930s Vandercook letterpress, with which I make linocuts, wood type and hand drawn imagery. I also do a lot of folk art—train and hobo related subject matter mostly, bearded faces painted on old skateboards, 2x4s and sides of boxcars.” Bowden says his art has a “Great Depression—1920s to early 1940s look, back when doing things by hand was at its peak.” In a world that is now over-saturated with mechanical reproduction, Bowden gracefully resorts back to the old ways. “I read a lot of old sign painter books from the early 1900s. My great grandfather was a printer, linotype operator and type professor,” says Bowden. “I suppose it runs in the family.”

- Lance Saunders, Kilby Court, SLC Utah
(SLUG Magazine August Issue 2011)

Photo by Amelia Lyon

Colt Bowden

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